Starting the Conversation

Sharing, Belonging, Friendship  - Words that are important to us!

Starting a conversation - along the way, all of us have paused and reflected on how to share what is important to us. Sometimes it can be hard to find the right words to start such a conversation so we would like to get things started with the words that are important to us – sharing, belonging and friendship.

Finding the right word - we invite you to tell us in a word what the words sharing, belonging and friendship mean to you. For us it is words such as “respect”, “trust" and "caring".  We believe that by sharing with others that we trust and respect we build more meaningful relationships based on creating a sense of belonging and friendship with those we care about and who care about us.

Taking the first step - so join our conversation and tell us in a word what the words sharing, belonging and friendship mean to you by posting a comment below!

What was heard - in the weeks ahead we will tell you what words were shared with us as we do what we can to keep the conversation going!  Stay tuned for announcements regarding special events!


Finding the Right Word to Start the Conversation



  • Inclusion – for all people. All abilities, gifts and strengths, are shared in a loving and welcoming community.

    Kelly Howson
  • To be included, not excluded, accepted, not turned away. As citizens, to all have the same rights and privileges.

  • One word that comes to mind is empathy. If we could empathize with others who are struggling, what a better place this world would be.

    Richard Coldrey
  • Cynthia, the word kindness makes us think of the word “friendship” – for us a kind word or action is a step in the right direction as we all do what we can to build friendships

    What's the Word
  • Bill, the words working together makes us think of the word “sharing” – sharing ideas and lessons learned along the way allows all of us to grow stronger

    What's the Word

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