Open Mic Night

On the 19th of February, artists, musicians and others from our community joined In the Wind Art Collective, Creative Café and What’s the Word for an evening of art, music and the written word as all who attended shared their passion for the arts.


Finding the right word - we invited all who attended tell us in a word what the words sharing, belonging and friendship meant to them.

This is what we heard!

Gifts – we all have them and want to share them with others. Our gifts can build community for us and others!

Listen – to me this word is essential for building any relationship. Listening to understand helps foster more sharing makes the person you know you care, and building a friendship. Listen to understand, not to reply!

Sharing – you need to share something to really enjoy it!

Acceptance – the chance to be yourself, make mistakes and grow are what makes sharing belonging and friendship so meaningful!

Forgiveness (of self and others) – “forgiving yourself for living” meaning not beating yourself up over things that happen, financial problems, personal problems. We have to live with ourselves for all of our lives!

Sharing, belonging and friendship = a great life! = happiness! = fabulous!

Pets – cooperating and cuddling, listening, pay attention, nourishment, physical contact!

Love – beloved people in your life are those who you can share and create true connections!

Other words we heard included: community, security, self-worth, happiness, giving back and living!


Taking the first step - so join our conversation and tell us in a word what the words sharing, belonging and friendship mean to you by posting a comment below!

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  • Listening to what is not being said but is being shown by other means.

    Gail Burgess

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