Hope Conference

Tomorrow we are attending the Hope Conference being held in Belleville, Ontario. We are looking forward to inspiring stories of lived experiences in recovery and wellness as we all to what we can to “shine a light on the possibilities”.

It is an opportunity for all of us to come together and share our lived experiences, our concerns, our successes as a first step in developing a sense of belonging – a sense of belonging to a community prepared to support each other by “shining a light on the possibilities” along the path to recovery and wellness – a journey that allows all concerned to realize their potential in their own way.

As we meet new and old friends today, we would like to get a conversation started by inviting folks to tell us in a word what the word “HOPE” means to them.

So take the first step - join our conversation today and tell us in a word what the word “Hope’ means to you by posting a comment on our blog

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