Art in Strathcona Park

Sharing A Passion for Art, Music and Poetry!

Had a great day at "Art in Strathcona Park" hosted by the Mental Illness Caregivers Association on 10 August, 2019 at one of Ottawa's picturesque parks Strathcona Park located in Sandy Hill on Range Road. We enjoyed the arts and crafts, visiting the artists, listening to the music, poetry and participating in a host of other activities - you can be sure that all who attend had a good time!

Finding the right word - as we have done at previous events, we invited folks to tell us in a word what the words sharing, belonging and friendship meant to them.

What was heard - here are the words that folks shared with us as we do what we can to keep the conversation going!  

Understanding, curiosity, acceptance, harmony, acknowledgement, hope, being human and fully alive, connection, inclusion, joy, delight, community, smile, support, compassion, strength, belonging, honesty, life sustaining, kindness, inclusiveness, connections, generosity, happiness, love, amour, trust, devotion, people, peace, vive la difference, humour

Taking the first step - join our conversation and tell us in a word what the words sharing, belonging and friendship mean to you by posting a comment below!



Finding the Right Word to Start the Conversation

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